Alligator clip connector

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All products can be designed according to customer requirements, and the size of any part can be changed, and various connector products can be produced according to customer's drawing requirements, and various material descriptions and certification certificates are provided.
We provide wiring harnesses for new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, scooters, energy storage, smart homes, drones, and medical equipment. And other wire harnesses and cable assemblies.
We have tens of thousands of products for our customers to choose from, 90% of which have been exported to Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions.
We insist on continuously improving the quality and skill level of our employees, and strive to provide customers with high-quality products and innovative terminal solutions.
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120A Plug
PRODUCT FEATURES  1、Color and key position are double error-proof, 360 rotation can be realized, and installation is convenient. 2、Simple assembly, detachable maintenance, high wiring efficiency and convenient later maintenance. 3、After plugging, it can be locked for the second time, which increases the safety of the site.
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Alligator clip connector
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