New Energy National Standard Charging Stand

New Energy National Standard Charging Stand

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1. Cold resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and resistance to impact
2. High thermal deformation temperature, stable chemical properties, and good electrical properties
3. Good strength and impact resistance
4. It is not easy to burn after encountering fire, ensuring the safety of work
5. Extremely long lifespan

Rated current: 63A/48A/40A/32A/16A
Rated voltage: AC 440V/250V
Insulation resistance: DC 1000V 1000M Ω MIN
Test voltage: DC 2500V, leakage current ≤ 5mA
Material: nylon/brass
Surface coating: silver plating
Pluggable times: 10000 times
Wiring range: 8-14AWG
Waterproof grade: IP54
Working temperature: -40~105C ° C
Salt spray level: 72H
Fire rating: UL94-V0
Insertion and extraction force: < 100N

The product is used for charging new energy vehicles. In addition to being waterproof, its sturdy internal structure allows it to withstand vehicle rolling, and the shell will not crack after rolling, the protection level will not decrease, and the performance will not decrease. It avoids damage to the charging gun caused by various common impacts and pressures in daily use.

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